A mindful design movement to transform your environment and living space


Because your H(OM)E should FEEL SACRED

Sacred Space Design Consulting: OM is where the heart is. My goal is to help create a home that captures who you are. That energizes you but also quiets the noise of the outer world. A home that has a serene, welcoming, and calming vibe. Let's work together to make your decor dreams come true and create a sacred space in your home for you to enjoy. I can help you hone in on your vision, create a mood board, shop with you or for you, create DIY's, and simply by adjusting colors, rearranging furniture, and adding style elements we can transform your space. I can help to create a  zen den oasis for you to come home to, to feel relaxed in, to feel like your optimal self, to practice in, to meditate, and to enjoy the beauty of a stunning and calm home that reflects who you are. The final result is a living space that achieves both form and function, and most importantly, creates a specific feel that is representative of the things you love and that brings you joy. Sacred Space Design Consulting is intended to take your living space and lifestyle to the next level. We will work together to enhance your sacred space with the intention to maximize or improve upon what you currently have and unveil the full potential and direction your space can take to create an overall beautiful, calming, and creative getaway you can’t wait to return home to. 

Sacred Space Package includes:

  • A thorough strategy and planning session assessing your personal desires and intentions as they translate to the project’s needs

  • Creative design development and visual moods boards of the new plan with inspired design concepts.

  • Overall consultation and expert guidance. I will personally shop with you, or for you for items needed to revamp and breathe new life into your home. Hand held consultation and selection of every item required to build your sacred space, from start to finish.