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Why Essential Oils?

Essential oils are really essential. Take it from me!

To be honest, at first, I was skeptical about essential oils. I mean, are they really that amazing? I was about to learn that YES, they really are that amazing.

My first introduction was in a New York City restorative yoga class, and the teacher had used peppermint oil and massaged my neck during Savasana. It was GLORIOUS. At this point in time, I was not a yoga teacher yet (hell, I could hardly move my body let alone envision ever being a teacher one day) but I do recall leaving that class and feeling SO refreshed. Not to mention the scent was incredible, the way it made my neck and shoulders feel lingered well after the class, and the oil seem to have alleviated aches and pains I had been feeling. And let me tell you, back then in 2012, I felt as though the world was on my shoulders. I was struggling to get sober, fighting to make it in the beauty/fashion world freelancing in NYC, waiting tables for supplemental income, all the while trying to channel healing any which way that I could.

Fast forward to Bali in 2015, I was sober, had a full blown yoga practice I loved and lived for, and was on the path to becoming a teacher. While in Bali, I had stumbled across essential oils and appreciated them for the scent value, but I still wasn't aware of ALL the ways in which pure grade essential oils, their healing properties, or how it had the power to change my life and my students.

In 2016, I moved back to New York as a new yoga teacher and went to an Doterra Essential Oil informational session one of my good friends, Lindsey Pearson of Do You Mind (Fully)? who is a meditation coach and yoga teacher encouraged me to go to. I was in HEAVEN. Like I literally couldn't soak up more information about it and I wanted to implement all of the ways in which I could use these oils to benefit my overall health and wellness, my lifestyle, and that of my clients and students. I wanted to share the tools and methods in which I had found healing. I knew that I needed to explore everything essential oils had to offer and that day I had decided to buy a basic essential oil starter kit with the diffuser, and knew that these oils would really enhance not only my practice as a yoga teacher, but also would be great for my students and classes.

The more and more I have delved into learning about essential oils, the more and more I recognized how insane it is NOT to be using only oils.

Stay tuned for more blog posts on specific oils, ways to use them, DIY recipes, and updates!

Interested in learning more? Want to get some oils for youself?

Feel free to message me or follow the link here to get started!


Cate Eilee

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